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St. Martin's Church is the church Hans Georg Ehrat and his family attended in Lohn, Switzerland, before immigrating to America. It was only church in Lohn, and also served the residents of six surrounding villages. Today, it continues to serve the villages of Lohn, Stetten, and B├╝ttenhardt.

Of interesting note: An Ehrat, Andreas Ehrat, is currently listed as the Parish President.


In modern times, St. Martin's Church has a website: "Kirche" is German for "church" and .ch is the top-level domain for Switzerland. The website is, of course, in German, but one can view an English translation via Google Translate.


A short Church history is at this page on the it's website. Google makes a decent English translation of it.

St. Martin's Church is first recorded in documents in 1259, but is presumable much older. The church has a seating capacity of slightly over 200 occupants. Pictures today show the church's exterior renovation in 1921, and The Ehrat Family Website currently has no pictures of how exactly how it looked in the 1800s.

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