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The Ehrat Family Website is powered by the same software as Wikipedia. Just like Wikipedia, this website is designed to allow and encourage any person to add or edit content. So if you have family pictures to upload, information to add, or simply want to fix that typo that's been bugging you, please read on.


Request an account

To disallow any person on the internet from editing The Ehrat Family Website, accounts must be confirmed by a person (Braden Ehrat).

To request your account, simply fill out the form at the account request page. Once approved, you will be able to edit the website.

What Information to Add

There have been some concerns about making public information that could either hurt a person's privacy or be embarrassing to relatives. For this reason, information on a living person will only be on their user page, which they can create themselves. This is also why, besides time considerations, I (Braden Ehrat) am currently limiting the scope of the website to only my line of the family. However, I hope other relatives of mine will want contribute to the site, as well.

Editing Help

See Help:Contents

Have Braden do it

Don't have the time to learn the wiki software, but still have contributions? Just send your photos or prose to User:Braden Ehrat, and he will add it to the site.

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