Hans Georg Ehrat

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Hans Georg Ehrat

Georg and Katherina before departing for America
Born June 27, 1819(1819-06-27)
Lohn, Switzerland
Died August 7, 1871(1871-08-07) (aged 52)
Spouse Katherina (Schlatter) Ehrat
Parents Johannes Ehrat
Barbara (Ruhlie) Ehrat
Children Jacob
Marion "Elizabeth"

Hans Georg Ehrat was born 27 June 1819 at Lohn, Switzerland. He was the son of Johannes and Barbara (Ruhlie) Ehrat. On 20 November 1845, he was married to Maria Elisabetha Ruhlie, who was born 4 October 1818.
Hans' Home in Lohn, still standing today.
He had no known children with Maria, who died shortly afterward on 3 October 1847. He then married for a second time to a Katherina Schlatter, born at Buttenhardt, Switzerland, on 1 December 1827. They were married 15 March 1849.

All twelve of his children with Katherina were born in Lohn, Switzerland between the years of 1850 and 1868. Only eight of them lived to be adults. Jacob, Barbara, Katharina, Helena, and Gottfried were born 1850 to 1855. The next two children were stillborn in a “Toechterheim Parten-Kirchen,” part of the church where mothers often went to birth children.[1] These two were born 14 August 1856 and 11 February 1858 and were buried in Switzerland. On 10 March 1861, Johann George Ehrat was born and on 12 March, baptized. He died at eighteen days of age on 30 March 1861, and was buried in Lohn. With better luck, Marion "Elizabeth", George, Johann, and Christian were born 1862 to 1868.

Hans Georg Ehrat was a part owner and operator of a brick and tile factory located in the village of Lohn. The other partners in this business arrangement were Jacob Schlatter and Michael Buhrer. The Ehrat family were active members of the only church in Lohn: St. Martin's (Protestant) Church. Their children were baptized there and their older children were confirmed there by Pastor Alexander Beck.

On 13 March 1871, the Ehrat family left their Swiss homeland to emigrate to America. Their youngest son, three year old Christian, was left behind in the care of Pastor Beck and his wife. Christian rejoined his family in America when he was eleven years of age. The second youngest son, Johann, died of cholera on 15 Nov. 1873 after arriving in America. Johann was born 09 November 1865 and baptized in Lohn on 19 March 1866. He was 8 years of age at his death and was buried at Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery at Augsburg, IL.

Hans and his family settled on an 80 acre farm in Fayette county, Illinois, near Vandalia, and they were faithful members of the Lutheran Church.[2]

Lohn, Switzerland

Family Tree

Descendents of Hans George and Katherina Ehrat. This image shows only the 8 of 12 children that lived to adulthood.

Ehrat, Hans Georg and Katherina Family Tree.jpg

Ehrat, Hans Georg Tombstone.jpg

Resting Place

Hans was buried at St. Paul, Illinois. His original tombstone was replace many years afterwords by his grandson, William Ehrat. In all the old German records that we have, his name was spelled as "Georg" (pronounced "gay-orge"). However, on the new tombstone, it was spelled as the English version: "George". We do not know how his name appeared on the original tombstone.


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