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Hans Georg and Katharina Ehrat

Welcome to The Ehrat Family Website. This website has been created by Braden Ehrat with the intent of organizing and making available information about decedents of Hans Georg and Katherina Ehrat, who emigrated to the United States in 1871.


I am currently limiting the scope of articles to the original family that moved to America and then Gottfried's side of the family down to me. It will probably stay this limited until other family members contribute content for other parts of the family.

Currently, Hans Georg Ehrat and Albert Ehrat have the most complete articles.

I would also like to thank David Knecht, who has sent me almost all of the information and pictures that I have on the website thus far.


Any member of the family can and is encouraged to add or edit content including the pictures and prose of the site. To get started, request an account. For more information, see Project:Contributing.

For general information on using the MediaWiki software, consult the User's Guide.

Lohn, Switzerland

Aerial view Hans Georg and Katharina's home village. Taken 1998.
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